Presented in The Golden Peacock Theater. An unforgettable theatrical Journey to a land where traditions run deep and imaginations Soar


The Mysterious Kingdom of the Orient is a pulsating and majestic production of classic Chinese theater featuring over 50 of China's most talented acrobats, dancers and musicians. This exquisite performance takes you on a journey to a faraway land...China. Visit its ancient civilization as it is unveiled in a joyous musical and theatrical celebration. A MUST SEE

The Chinese Spirit
The first act, The Chinese Spirit, refers to a vitality ingrained in the Chinese people throughout their life cycles. This spirit is personified via majestic colors, vibrant moods, beautiful choreography and spiritual music. The performers combine acrobatics, martial arts and ballet to tell a story of Chinese magic and Oriental spirit.

The Combination of Life and Everlasting Life
A rich performance including deep symbolism and drama, The Combination of Life and Everlasting Life is achieved via song, dance, color and motion. The cast and chorus portray lively and lovely visions of happiness and long life for themselves, as well as the audience.

The Wonders of Life
The origins of this third act, The Wonders of Life, are embedded in the hearts and souls of all Chinese. In ancient settings featuring regal grandeur, the performers represent women of royalty, couriers, envoys and the all-powerful Emperor.

The Mysterious Kingdom of the Orient
The fourth and final act is drawn from nature's beauty. Throughout The Mysterious Kingdom of the Orient, you will see the emblazoned colors of dawn, the hues of the summer sky and velvety redness of roses. The cast performs the melodies of farmers and the soaring songs of the graceful peacock, as the spirit, tradition and mystery of China lives on.

This magnificent show is performed Tuesdays through Sundays at 6:00 PM at Splendid China.
Admission is included in your Splendid China park admission; however, tickets to
may also be purchased separately for $14.95 per person + tax.

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