An Array of Specialty Shops
Our Suzhou Gardens features more than a dozen shops offering a selection of genuine Chinese collectibles, jewelry, apparel and much more.

Tantalizing Authentic Cuisine
Confucius said: “A man cannot be serious enough about his eating for food is the force that binds society together.” That’s Why we’re delighted to present you with an assortment of dining choices for lunch and dinner. Whichever restaurants you choose, be assured our chefs, from various regions of China, use only the finest, freshest ingredients to create truly authentic dishes just like you’d enjoy in China.
Dazzling Live Entertainment
We’ll be presenting a variety of live entertainers – adorned in colorful costumes – throughout the day at various locales. Please see your Entertainment Schedule for times and locations.

Splendid Hospitality
We want to be sure you enjoy your stay. Many special services are outlined in this guide. If there is more we can do, please do not hesitate to visit Guest Services, located in Suzhou Gardens to make your day more pleasant, more memorable and more splendid.
Marvel at The Mysterious Kingdom of the Orient, a 90-minute live-stage production, featuring over 40 of China’s top entertainers. Watch as they combine award-winning acrobatics with the unparalleled grace and beauty of the Chinese dance to form a breathtaking performance unlike anything ever seen this side of the Orient!